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Shipping Policy

We currently ship to virtually any address.  When you place an order, we can estimate shipping and delivery times based on shipping options.  If shipment is not charged to your location during checkout, please call

{+41 70 384 47 17} and our support team will send you a quote for shipping.


Please also note that the shipping costs for all items sold by us are size and weight-dependent and will be charged at checkout.  We strive to efficiently combine products in packaging to minimize shipping costs.


At check-out, a physical shipping address must be entered if you do not want to be delivered via the official post office: Fed-Ex does not deliver to PO Box or APO addresses.  Failure to do so results in a delay until a physical address can be obtained.

exchange and warranty 

o gumdo® offers a one-time replacement if the gumgum® or velvet gumgum® purchased from our website deviates from the normal playing conditions due to a manufacturing defect within 30 days from the date of purchase.  The one-time replacement is made by the identical gumgum® that you originally bought.

In the event that the purchased product is no longer available, you must select a replacement from our current inventory within a maximum of 3 business days and contact Customer Service to make your new replacement selection.


If the gumgum® you purchased breaks within the 30-day warranty period, do the following:


  1. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, contact for a 30-day warranty return authorization number.  If the contact is made after 30 days, the warranty replacement request will be rejected.


  2. Depending on the circumstances, o gumdo® may require you to present images of the damage.


  3. o gumdo® will send you a return authorization by e-mail, which you must return with the broken gumgum®.  If a defective gumgum® without return authorization in the box is returned, the warranty replacement will be denied.


  4. Send in the entire gumgum®: Option Sigma AG, Untergass 10, CH-8193 Eglisau


  5. All warranty returns must be received within 14 days from the date of issue of the return authorization.  Returns after the 14-day deadline will be rejected.


  6. o gumdo® receives and inspects the gumgum®.  Your new gumgum® will be shipped within 48 hours, unless there is an unauthorized issue related to the breakage and the replacement will be denied.  In this case, you will be contacted.


  7. Please do not return any gumgum® containing only dents and tears.  These types of minor damage can not be replaced by a guarantee and can be independently repaired with an elastic tape.


o gumdo® reserves the right to refuse to replace the warranty for damage to the gumgum® caused by misuse or alteration to the gumgum®.  The rejection of warranty claims is entirely at the discretion of o gumdo®.  The gumgum® warranty is only valid for one (1) single replacement gumgum® pro newly purchased gumgum®.  There is no 30-day warranty for replacement.  The return costs are at the expense of the consumer.

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